WoW is famous for several fundamental things that make it stand out from other MMO RPGs.

This is an opportunity to choose your faction, which includes many races and opposes representatives of another at the level of irreconcilable and blood enemies. Regardless of the choice, the conflict will develop and draw more and more new participants into it during leveling, earning WoW gold and other general and social actions in adjacent locations.

The second strong aspect of World of Warcraft is the freedom to choose how to develop and earn gold.

You can do quests, grinding, professions, activities, trading and raids.

Each mechanic has its pros and cons and is compatible with each other, but you can easily abandon any aspect simply because you don’t like it and not lose a significant part of the gameplay.


]In games like World of Warcraft, everything is based on quests.

The reason why game developers so often resort to quest mechanics for new players is simple – this is the easiest way to tell and allow the player to try all the basic mechanics in a game form and teach him to use skills and understand the economy without stress and a reduced chance of leaving the project.

In the first tasks you will gain experience, discover your first skills, earn your first World of Warcraft gold, learn how to interact with the interface and other players, and begin your full-fledged adventure.

Quests can be divided into main ones, which are distinguished by a large number of assignments, plot advancement and a good reward for its completion, and secondary ones, which are offered by a large number of non-player characters and carry a variety of tasks and rewards.

These can be simple tasks like killing monsters, but without specifying a clear quantity – this means that you will receive exactly as much WoW gold as you bring the heads of defeated monsters, or other quest items, depending on the request.


One of the fastest and easiest ways to fill your pockets with World of Warcraft gold is to simply go out to locations and start hunting monsters, ideally taking some kind of quest to destroy the same monsters in order to get additional benefits from such tasks.

You should also remember that WoW is a PVP game, where a big stake is placed on the confrontation between two factions, which means you may encounter many enemies who can either prevent you from fully hunting or fall at your hands. The main thing is to remember the concept of battles and look around in order to understand possible sources of danger and respond to them in a timely manner.

For grinding to be more effective than quests, you must be able to kill a lot of monsters using regular attacks, or mass skills, and do it quickly.

This means that supports who cannot find a fighting group for themselves better focus on quests, otherwise they will not receive a lot of cheap WoW gold, but will simply spend a lot of time killing a small number of monsters, which are not guaranteed to return in terms of benefits.

The same cannot be said about magic classes or warriors, who can destroy large groups of targets and not spend a lot of resources, making only short pauses to replenish mana.


The most reliable way to get a lot of WoW gold is to develop professions, especially taking into account its increase in usefulness and efficiency after the release of the Dragonflight update.

If you choose the right combination of creating and collecting professions, you can get the opportunity to independently equip your hero, and then earn cheap gold in World of Warcraft by completing orders from other players on Dragon Island.

If you master mining and blacksmithing, you will be able to equip and create for others heavy armor, steel weapons, shields and helmets, and most importantly, mount sockets for enhanced gems that jewelers create and enhance, as well as various tools for yourself and representatives other professions to obtain an increase in characteristics for their craft.

With all these features, you can earn a lot of WoW gold.

If you start skinning and converting them into leather, you can create many pieces of armor and weapons for the dodger classes – archers, daggers, and so on.

Leatherworkers also create special tools and bags to increase a character’s carrying capacity, which is in great demand at all levels, since inventory slots will always be in short supply.

If you want to create and help equip magical characters, then take up tailoring, since it does not require an additional profession for materials and will allow you to create magical robes for attacking magicians and support classes – the higher the skills of the master, the more physical protection and mana reserve the created product will receive.

You can combine a profession with an inscription to create useful recipes as instructions for other artisans and craft staves, especially if you yourself are a magic class.

Another affordable option is jewelry making. It is better to combine it with mining in order to independently mine precious stones and, after endowing them with special characteristics, earn a lot of cheap WoW gold by selling them to other players.

For example, a warrior will gladly buy ignoring armor for his attacks, and this is not to mention the specialized production opportunity – creating jewelry to protect against magical attacks and producing orbs – magical weapons with a slow attack but high damage.

Fishing and cooking

In World of Warcraft, there are professions that do not take up a slot and are available to everyone without exception, since they are considered more an element of leisure rather than profit, although you can earn WoW gold in them.

Fishing allows you to catch fish for cooking or grinding into reagents, provided that you managed to catch fish suitable for this.

Cooking will allow you to prepare dishes with enhancing effects for yourself or a group, and the higher the culinary skills, the longer the effect lasts and the more powerful it will be.

For cooking you need fish or meat, and gradually you will discover feasts – these are mass eating of food, in which all participants in the meal will receive high-quality enhancing effects – this is often used by large guilds before raids and always kept in their composition, or they spend gold World of Warcraft to pay for this service from an outside chef.